‘Slumdog’ praises and Oscar acclaims

slumdog5Now I know why AMPAS awarded 8 Oscars to Danny Boyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ The sensational story behind the success of this movie already reverberated in households all over the world for quite some time even before the Academy Awards.

From Dumas to Christopher de Leon
The show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” played the pivotal role throughout the movie. Whenever I hear the show’s theme, I instantaneously remember Christopher de Leon in the defunct local version of the game show. Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) was great in delivering few but meaningful lines. I never thought that the beginning of the film would be very much related to the ending. Who would have imagined that ‘Aramis’ (from The Three Musketeers) would be worth 20 million rupees?

A good brain exercise
Slumdog millionaire is a very intelligent film. Several stories are perfectly stitched together resulting to a masterpiece that encompasses love, art, humanity, society and reality. I’m not talking about the questions asked by Anil Kapoor (game show host) which were not really difficult. The story will keep your mind very stimulated.

What love really means
Latika (Frieda Pinto) made me realize what love is about – its value and meaning. The movie may have portrayed an “ideal” romance with a happy ending but the instance is far from impossible. The unique love story intertwined with money and sex produced emotional scenes which affected me a lot. Now I have my own meaning for the word ‘love.’ The movie concretized my belief in destiny.

Very revealing
I was disturbed by some scenes especially that of the “Bombay” era of India’s present financial capital. Astonishing scenes portrayed how difficult it is to live in this Indian city. The movie revealed astonishing lifestyle practices, chaotic city life and unbelievable sights that will let one appreciate his/her comfortable life.

Perfect mix
Slumdog Millionaire’s music was generally exotic. The Indian touches complemented every scene in the move. I found the ending (the Bollywood dance) very entertaining especially because this kind of production number is always included in Indian movies. It completed the award-winning spectacle. Viewers will appreciate how much effort was allotted to cinematography as well. Every scene was carefully thought of and interpreted in a very artistic way (Salam’s “bathtub of money” and “climax flashbacks” are some of the scenes I will never forget).


hughRevamped Oscars
I love the new way the Academy Awards was presented. Hugh Jackman did a very good job hosting (and singing, too!). I bet ‘copycat’ award-giving bodies would imitate the new way on how awards are presented. People from Hollywood never run out of creativity.

Two J’s and a bunch of laughter

I am talking about Jessica and Julie. Their books are perfect breathers since my mind is already saturated because of Garisson’s Managerial Accounting.

Jessica should rule the universe
Twisted Cover.indd A month ago, Mark (a schoolmate) invited me to become one of the minions of Jessica Zafra through Facebook. I felt that Jessica and I have some personal connection through her write-ups (don’t laugh). Back in 2003, I brought with me Twisted 6 during a writing contest in Nueva Ecija and the book became a handy companion that eased my tension (thanks to a few laughing breaks, I won). I didn’t like the close-to-newsprint paper of Twisted 7. Last year, I finished Twisted Travels while on a road trip from Baguio to Pampanga.
Now, I’m done with Twisted 8: The Night of the Living Twisted. This book is a hilarious knock-out. Zafra’s crazy ideas were compressed in a 159-page reality show-like narration. The sarcasm, humor and drama of it made me giggle a lot. I love her take on Philippine politics, customs and society. Readers get an overload of tennis facts, movie reviews and showbiz gossips (or should I say – unwanted truths?). I, as one of her minions, declare: “Jessica should rule the universe!” (Her blog: jessicarulestheuniverse.com)

Hot haute
some-like-it-haute-cover1 A book by Julie K. L. Dam is one of the best finds I got from a recent bookstore sale. My mom used to buy boring classics for a few hundred pesos. Last month, I was lucky enough to find a very cool book for only fifty pesos! Some Like It Haute is the book I am talking about.
The novel is about the funny story of Alex Simons who writes for the fashion section of a magazine. Her misadventures in Paris has led her to a lot of memorable antics – humiliating herself during a fashion runway show, meeting her former French professor, and falling in love with Nick. Aside from funny narrations about true-to-life problems, the novel randomly advertises high-end haute couture. The book is can also be called ‘fashion for dummies.’ It is the perfect ‘breaktime’ novel.

Next book assignment: Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham.

Busy Valentine’s Day

I never thought this year’s February 14 would be a very busy day for me. The fact that I am not committed to anyone didn’t make things quite easy.

What: Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Where: Clark, Pampanga
hot-air-balloon-fiesta-092It was my first time to be in such event although it has been running for 14 years. It was my first time to experience heavy traffic at dawn in this former US air base. I wonder how it was done 14 years ago. The affair turned out to be a little bit commercialized (if not too much) but the effect was quite good. Throngs of people came to see hot air balloons with assorted shapes – coffee mug, elephant, tiger, and a lot more. My pick for ‘Best Hot Air Balloon’ would be the colorful ‘smiley with a cap.’

Notable person/s seen: Ivan Henares (ivanhenares.com)

What: Work
Where: Office (where else?)
For us, there’s no such thing as “work-life balance.” Oops, maybe we have (we just have to do the ‘balancing’ in our own way since we have whole day of work until Saturday). Good thing I love my job! It was a usual “V-day” at the office. We tuned in to RW playing mushy love songs.

Notable person/s seen: N/A

What: Reflections of the Heart
Where: SM Pampanga
reflections-of-the-heartYes, it was like a “mall tour” for me. I sang Paolo Montalban’s part in Cinderella (The Sweetest Sounds). Thanks to my officemates Darla and Amar for being there (they stood as my stage parents!).

Notable person/s seen: I swear I saw someone ‘artista-like’ performing in front of Congo Grille.
What: Carlo Hizon’s Surprise Party
Where: somewhere downtown San Fernando
carlos-birthdayI drove to Carlo’s house for a surprise party for him prepared by his wife and family. When I came, everything was dark. They turned off the lights of course (oh, the usual “surprise” thingy). Everyone was holding a slice of cake with a small candle. The sight was exciting. When Carlo came… SURPRISE! And the night started to roll. The food was great! (1004 made me say ‘mmmmmm’ after every bite).

Notable person/s seen: Former schoolmates from San Lorenzo; the guest band