Taking the Ateneo Way

ateneo_150Two nights before my 21st birthday, I imbibed the Ignatian spirit.

At exactly 5:30 in the afternoon, I hurriedly logged out from office and went straight to the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in Clark for my admission interview. When I stepped out of my car, I was surprised to see my college batch mate Kaisell, who was working as an agent in the adjacent call center. It took about three minutes to end our “hi’s and hello’s” since we haven’t met since graduation. I had a very hard time explaining to her why I was there. She pointed at the glass door where the entrance to the Ateneo office is located.

When I got into the small room, I was greeted by Sherwin, the program assistant. Two other people were already waiting for the professor who will conduct the interview. One was a year older than me and another one was an experienced professional whom, I guess, is in his mid-40’s. Technically, I was the youngest in the group and this gave me butterflies in the stomach.

After 30 minutes, Sir Danny arrived. Usual questions were raised. I really felt the pressure because the two of us who lacked professional work experience were given a hard time. We had to prove why we are worthy of taking an accelerated program. But because we were both eager and persistent, Sir Danny was convinced. Long story cut short – all three of us were accepted for next term’s Ateneo-Regis MBA Program.

The interview lasted about 20 minutes, after which was an introduction about ‘The Ateneo Way’ of learning. As a Thomasian, I found the Ignatian teachings very different. Now I know why students from various universities have their own character. Each university teaches how students should act according to a distinct culture that sets them apart from other schools.

Of course, I will never forget the Dominican teachings of ‘Veritas cum Caritate’ aligned with the ideals of being a committed, competent, and compassionate individual. Now, I will add ‘MAGIS’ to my traits and live the Ateneo way – a professional who cares about nation-building, and a person who is willing to give MORE in everything.

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (by Twilight)

edwardandbellaThe title of the bittersweet song of “The Script” describes my feelings toward the movie “TWILIGHT.” Too bad Stephenie Meyer wasn’t able to catch my attention because of my demanding office work schedule. Aside from not being able to grab a copy of the book, I haven’t read the complete “e-book” series saved in my hard drive. The tandem of Bella and Edward didn’t hit the hopeless romantic in me. When friends told me about the story, I decided not to join the bandwagon. I’ve had enough of creepy vampire stories courtesy of Anne Rice.

This is not practically about the bestseller. Maybe I have come to that stage in life where I cannot find time to read the latest young adult releases. The least I can do is watch the movie based from the novel.

The movie is led by Harry Potter’s Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson) and Kristen Stewart. Classified as a romantic fantasy, the film had a balance between the fierce vampire story and the sweet forbidden love that evolves around the main characters. During the course of the movie, I was bothered by the exaggerated white make-up used to emphasize the ‘vampness’ the Cullen family plus the nomadic vampires.

I found the film adaptation a little bit slow-paced. On the brighter side, I get a rush of excitement whenever I see the Philippine flag (during school cafeteria scenes). The cinematography was superb and all the scenic views were carefully picked (and digitally-enhanced). The actors and actresses were only as good as those in American TV dramas (enough to please the young audiences). I wasn’t pleased by the gross climax (with shattering mirrors and spurting blood). Overall, I’ll give the movie a 2 ½ out of 5 stars.

After I finish the book I am currently reading (Tom Dolby’s ‘The Trouble Boy’), I’ll find time to read New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. By the time I finished reading Meyer’s works, I think I’ll be able to appreciate ‘Twilight.’

*On a lighter note, the Twilight dolls are cute.