When post-its are not enough

A South Korean flick entitled “A Moment to Remember” has been the subject of interest for quite sometime in our office. I immediately watched this 2004 movie the night I got hold of the DVD copy which was passed around in the office. The story involves a young lady named Su Jin (Ye-jin Son) who is suffering Alzheimer’s disease. Su Jin falls in love with Chul Soo (Jung Woo-sung) after several accidental meetings and romantic coincidences.

This movie is a certified tear-jerker. The romantic scenes are stringed together to stir the emotions of the viewers. The beginning of the movie is a long scene showing Su Jin and Chul Soo’s first meeting. A can of Coke (my favorite softdrink) has been the center of their first moment together. Then the movie goes on like a typical romantic story. The main story begins as Su Jin and Chool Soo live together as a married couple. Aware that Su Jin is diagnosed with Alzheimers, Chool Soo does everything he can to remind Su Jin how much he loves her (a serious version of 50 First Dates). Su Jin, on the other hand, forces herself to remember everything she can but soon, the disease consumed her.

Here’s one advice for those who want to watch this movie: have rolls of tissue paper beside you. You’ll surely end up crying several times because of the romantic scenes and the way the couple showed their love for each other. Their love was a race against time. Post-its are not enough to battle Alzheimer’s, but the story proved that LOVE can!

You’ll definitely grasp the movie’s essence without being so immersed with the lines. One doesn’t have to strictly follow the subtitles. Personally, I was carried away by the excellent acting skills of the characters. The movie boasts of outstanding cinematography as well.

“A Moment to Remember” takes its viewers to an unusual love story that is open-ended.

Four out of five stars for this Asian masterpiece that made my eyes swell.


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