What’s up (or down) with the Chinese?

After showing off during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese citizens are in the news again. The recent ‘melamine’ scare has been so sensationalized that whatever chocolate, milk, or food product that has a Chinese encryption on it is considered as poison. Two weeks ago, just before the melamine outbreak, I bought a lot of Chinese stuff from Divisoria and Chinatown. Does this mean I am contaminated?

For people from the world of Science (ooh, I remember my college days), melamine’s IUPAC name is 1,3,5-Triazine-2,4,6-triamine. According to my personal research through the Internet, melamine is toxic (when used in large amounts) and is combined with other substances to produce resin, cement mixture, or colorant. Excessive ingestion can lead to reproductive damage or bladder cancer.

So some Chinese products were proven to be contaminated with this toxic substance that is why everyone has been over-patriotic creating a demand on Filipino products. Aside from increasing sales of local chocolates, milk, and anything that isn’t “Made in China,” melamine has been a word of mouth. Whenever I take something inside my mouth my officemates would burst and say “Hoy, baka may melamine ‘yan!” (Hey, maybe that has melamine in it!) Precautions are enough. I think others are overreacting.

China already said “sorry.” Alright, that may not be enough and we think they are so pathetic for endangering billions of lives around the world. But hey, they’ve been battered too much and they are just paying for what they have done to their reputation. China should redeem its name clouded with issues on toys with lead content, flimsy products, and now, melamine-rich food!

I have nothing against the people of China. In fact, I am proud that most of my close friends are Chinese. I love their food, their way of life, and their customs. I learn from them. I just hope that someday, their entire population (which is enormous) will work together to reclaim their glory.

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