Triple Eight

I heard that it will take another century before people on earth can see another triple numbered date on their calendars. Nothing lucky or unusual happened to me during this 888 [August 8, 2008] week but still, I felt the need to write something down for the sake of documenting some of the things that happened this week. In fact, some of which are quite important. Here are eight of them:

1. This country should be thankful for having Ford Group Philippines (FGP). After attending a press conference with FGP president Rick Baker last August 6, I learned that Ford Sta. Rosa plant has already exported more that 50,000 vehicles.

2. It’s the third week since I have been driving my Getz with a driving instructor and I think I am improving everyday. Lucky for us we weren’t reprimanded while we were practicing how to park at the local SM mall.

3. The opening ceremonies of the 29th Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China was very unique. I was amazed with their creativity. The organizers were able to maximize the manpower they have and it was really ‘the greatest show on earth’ during that night of August 8, 2008.

4. I’m halfway through the book entitled “Communications for Business and Professions” by Andrews and Baird, Jr. and I’m learning a lot.

5. I threw Rooster’s lines last Saturday for the local production of “Annie” here in Pampanga. How I wish I get the part. I hope I was able to pull it off after singing “I Dreamed a Dream”

6. I think I’m not getting any fatter.

7. “Do not be afraid” and “Follow the footsteps of St. Dominic de Guzman” were two significant statements I learned from Eucharistic celebrations I attended this week.

8. TV5 replaced ABC 5. Good luck. I am looking forward to your ‘reformatted’ shows. I am excited about the new studio set of GMA 7’s news shows.

2 thoughts on “Triple Eight

  1. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Well, I came across your blog one time (I don’t know how, maybe because of links) and I found it cool as well.

    Keep writing!

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