Someone to be proud of

Seven of us in the office today huddled on one computer monitor to watch the YouTube video of Charice Pempengco. Like Madonna Decena and Charlie Green (Filipinos who were featured in Britain’s Got Talent), Pempengco is the newest international sensation after she was featured in Ellen, The Paul O’Grady Show and Oprah. One very good thing is that she is a Filipino and she is someone I am very proud of.

When Pempengco was first featured in the local news, I wasn’t really amazed by her talent. It is a fact that almost every Filipino can sing nicely. If you would go to videoke bars in the metro, you’ll see dozens of superstar wannabees who actually have good singing qualities. In one outing I have attended, a whole night wasn’t enough to accommodate all of us who wants a hand on the karaoke microphone. As a previous member of a college choir and presently a church singer, I can attest to the reality that there are a lot of promising singers here in the Philippines waiting for a big break just like those who are now in the limelight.

I do not know if my memory serves me right but I remember one singer (is it lea Salonga?) commenting that children should sing according to their age. Pempengco is singing ‘diva’ songs at an early age and this is, obviously, not fit for her although she can reach the high notes with such power and maturity. Well, I am not aware if this may affect her voice when she grows up but Pempengco really has the guts and talent combined and mixed with luck, she is really one source of pride for Filipinos around the globe.

Another person I am proud of is Ara Muna, a fellow Kapampangan who penetrated the national market. I found it weird, funny, but at the same time I was pleased that a Kapampangan song was in the airwaves when I was in Pangasinan as well as my latest visit in Manila. Good work!

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