Loving American Idol

Now down to six, American Idol finalists never really caught my attention – not until today when they sung my favorite songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. Seventeen-year-old David Archuleta remains my top bet after I heard him sing ‘Think of Me’ from the Phantom of the Opera. David Cook’s voice went well with ‘Music of the Night’ also from the Phantom. Carly Simon’s ‘Jesus Christ Super Star’ sounded usual at first although it can be recalled that these lines were originally sung by a male character (Judas) so it sounded really unique afterwards.

Among the six finalists, I was surprised Brooke White never learned her lesson. She was so tense and repeated the first lines of the song ‘You Must Love Me’ from Evita. She reached this far yet she didn’t conquer her fears. Syesha Mercado’s song from Starlight Express was really catchy. Too bad no one sung a song from ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ (I was waiting for that).

Now that AI has once again stirred my musical interest by featuring songs from the stage, I will tune in until one shall be named the next American Idol. By the way, I was disappointed on GMA 7’s Pinoy Idol. I’ll blog about this soon.


One thought on “Loving American Idol

  1. this may be too late a reply but i still like to comment. hehe… at first i thought this 7th season is not as special as how i consider season 5, but i was wrong. been watching AI from season 2, and i think the last one is the best, or at least is tied with season 5 as my top choice. (taylor hicks was my bet from day 1) i fell in love with jason castro and david cook. and i guess it’ll be hard to match what cook has magnificently done. =)

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