High Society Issues

Blogging has come a long way.

Australian blogger Brian Gorrell claims that he is one of the victims of Pinoy socialite Delfin (DJ) Justiniano Montano II. Through his blog, a lot of issues were raised, not only about the supposed $70,000 that Montano owed Gorrell but also some revelations involving Manila’s high society – Celine Lopez, Tim Yap, Tina Tinio, and Marcel Cuerpo to name a few. My interest in his blog started when I read an article on the Sunday Inquirer focusing on the issue. I read his 133 posts which started a month ago (it was previously shut down due to legal matters). Now I get the picture – Gorrell wants his money back and he urges Montano to pay him and for this to happen, he has to involve other people to push Montano.

Third World High Society
I agree with Gorrell when it comes to all his observations about the Philippine society. At present, we are encountering problems with rice (which is our staple food) and we are fully aware of the millions of Filipinos who are suffering from poverty. How can some elite groups in Manila live so lavishly while beggars flank them when they come out of their bars and restaurants?

There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with life’s perks, but there is a borderline. I know a lot of rich people who pamper themselves a lot, go to trips abroad, eat good food, drive luxurious cars and ‘live the life’ but these are people who earned their worth. People should spend their own money and it should not come from corruption, swindling or stealing. Gorrell is right. We should all look at the world unselfishly and see for ourselves that there are people around us – richer, greater and better – while there are those who are dirtier, poorer and more deprived. I am not impressed with the third world high society. If you are in New York or Paris, well done! But in the Philippines, wealth should be backed up with integrity and morals before you should be considered great (Metro Society Magazine should now trim down their list of socialites).

Gucci Gang and Drugs
It is true that the people involved in this issue are rich. No matter how they attained such wealth (passed on, business, or corruption), they are rich. But where does their money go? Gorrell claims they all sniff drugs (or ‘coke’ as he puts it). Drugs are worth hundreds of thousands of pesos and their addiction made them do anything just to get a dose of ‘coke.’ Because of their expenditures, glamorous lifestyle and drug addiction, their money cannot accommodate all their expenses (specifically that of DJ).

With Gorrell’s blog, one may think that Manila’s high society is just a bunch of trying hard spoiled brats. Well, not all of them, but at least some of them do not have breeding. One can also analyze why they have been like this. Maybe their parents did not raise them well. Pity them – all were raised in a Catholic country and entered Catholic schools. You’re right Gorrell, if only they would give to charity! In fact, these people should stand as role models for the Filipino youth, but instead, they entice budding young professionals to indulge in a life of clubbing, spending and sniffing (drugs).

Gorrell’s anger triggered his blog. He cannot do anything in the Philippines, he can be slain, or face a lot of libel charges. I admire his courage in terms of bringing out the truth yet there are flaws of course. I cannot blame his rage but he should not have gone overboard, specially tagging prominent figures in the country. But if this is the way he wants to fight, then so be it. In this age of technology, we are still unsure how powerful the internet is, how free we are whenever we write blogs, and how far our writings can go. Gorrell made a breakthrough, and it is up to the people involved on how to resolve this issue.

Brian Gorrell’s blog: http://delfindjmontano.blogspot.com/

6 thoughts on “High Society Issues

  1. I wonder how you would feel if you were HIV+, were ripped off for 70k by an absolute scoundrel of a lover and now exist on a Disability Pension and can’t afford your medication? Montano claims he knows nothing of any monies sent to him and yet the Western Union receipts show otherwise. He also claims “I am not a cocaine addict” – maybe – but I note he doesn’t say “I don’t use cocaine”. He’s also threatening litigation in the Australian courts. That would be interesting and Brian Gorrell would relish that. I think you’ll find the truth will out. This is not going to go away.

  2. I find it interesting that everyone seems to be taking Brian Gorrell’s side in this story. I lay the blame squarely on him. He goes on and on about his junkie boyfriends cocaine addiction and how he needs to give him his money back. There’s the crux of it. DJ didn’t steal the money from the Aussies account or out of his wallet. It was freely given. In that Brian Gorrell broke the cardinal rule: Never give a junky money, you will never see it again.

    He needs to just cut his loses and stop embarrassing himself.

  3. low lifes and cocaine addicts of PI will be ‘EXPOSED”, DJ took money from a vulnerable gay guy and spent it on his lavious lifestyle, unfortunately those with CLASS don’t need to flaunt it like the Gucci Gang! They are a sham, and a DISgrace to hardworking and decent Filipinos.

  4. You people in high society……should do some charities if youre really rich.if youre just pretending, then do something worth remembering when you die……….

  5. Only a person of insolence and objectionable qualities would do something like this. A person who is irresponsible enough to get himself infected with HIV simply hates life and has nothing to lose.

    First of all, you are in no position to even associate yourself with these people. These so called Gucci Gang are the real McCoys, Okay? They are excessive, self centered, could care less and downright immature but they can very well afford to be wasteful and looks like your $ 70K did not stretch that much, huh?

    I don’t live or work in Manila but I know and have met with these Gucci gals and guys, they are all highly educated, decent and polite. They are not rich, they are Wealthy sob’s, does it matter where the dough is coming from? their grandparents?, their parents? Who cares? But, it still comes down to who is spending it and who will eventually get it.

    In this day and age, who really cares about anyone’s sexual preference, don’t we all wish we can have a cake and eat it too? Best of both worlds !! Whoo hoo !! S&M anyone?

    Still far from Paris Hilton’s lifestyle, these Gucci peeps live in a lap of luxury especially in a country where 95% of the population is starving. Again, as long as the money does not come from my or your pockets, should we really care how and what they spend their money on? They can inhale grams after grams of coke until their noses bleed and their brains run dry, even better and hopefully good riddance to useless people.

    To you Brian, you deserve what happened to you and you know what?, serves you right !! If not all but most of you White people think that we, 3rd world peeps are ignorant and easy victims. HA , HA !! Stay in Australia or SanFo, start pulling the weeds already and don’t forget the fertilizer.

    To the Gucci Gang, this little blog must’ve sent chills down your spine, did y’all scramble to go in hiding? hmmm? Why don’t you do something good and worthy for the people and the country will ya?, before you overdose yourselves.

    To all of you Bloggers, you are just green with envy because no matter what you do, the wealth of one Gucci peep does not even come close to what your whole clan can come up with combined.

  6. This is unreal. With people dying in the streets of Iran and China, the stress caused by a gay couple and misappropriated funds seems almost laughable.

    Most intriguing, being a Christian myself is witnessing the Montano’s mother on TV saying she’s a Christian and that it is such a paltry sum of money, and that “of course she could pay it back, but its principle,” rings hollow considering this person has HIV.

    I do not think she has all the facts, given some drug-use/intoxication photos that surfaced on the web, but it is certainly not a Christian-like attitude to withhold charity or the money of others for righteousness given there is evidence by her own daughter she received the funds. It is clearly implied funds were transferred for investment purposes and not as a payment or gift based on love. Her words lack the spirit of Christian ethics, charity, faith and lack of humility in boosting her esteem from a sense of wealth or entitlement. She should be helping both her son and Brian given such a “small sum of money” of $70k.

    It truly is the wrong forum and is purely for entertainment value, ego and ratings that this is taking place, possibly the only avenue Brian Gorrell understands if he does not have legal recourse or the powerbase to launch a legal battle.

    As Mohatman Ghandi said, one of the deadliest sins is “religion without sacrifice.” The “Gucci gang” is seemingly guilty of two others:
    “wealth without work” and “pleasure without conscience”.

    Brian is guilty of being just silly enough to trust someone enough to give up his savings knowing he has HIV and then later realizing he needs the money for medicine after being taken. But HIV has psychological and esteem implications on those inflicted.

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