Worth Watching

‘Friends’ is already obsolete, I don’t like the story of ‘The OC’ anymore, and I’m fed up with game shows. After my long search for new shows that would suit my taste, here are the top three series that luckily passed my unstable TV standards – Entourage, Heroes and The Starter Wife.

Entourage (HBO) Fame: it’s more fun with your friends.’ Curiosity has led me to watch the first episode of the second season of the latest offer by HBO. Some of my friends in school have been talking about Entourage although nobody is actually glued on the show. I’ve heard that this is a male version of the ‘Sex and the City’ gang – partly true – but Entourage has more to offer. I am entertained by Vince’s popularity, Drama’s healthy living, Turtle’s social climbing, and most of all, Eric’s whole personality. ‘E’ is my favourite character because I have a lot of his qualities. Ari, Vince’s demanding and rude manager, plays a big role in keeping the show light and funny and in the succeeding episodes an Asian secretary was included in the cast and I have observed that some lines were quite discriminating. As a whole, I’ll give Entourage a 7 out of 10 for the humor, trendy settings, and big star guests every now and then (I loved the episode with Jessica Alba)

Heroes (C/S, RPN) ‘Save the cheerleader… save the world’ Alright, with all the people going nuts with Hiro, I eventually joined the bandwagon after my friend lent me a DVD of the first season of ‘Heroes.’ As a Biology student, I appreciate the Genetics in the show. Aside from tinkling the biologist in me, I am amazed by the super powers the characters have. My favourite would be that of the Petrelli brothers. Another 7 out of 10 for this fantastic masterpiece. I can’t wait to watch the next season.

The Starter Wife (Hallmark) ‘Let’s see if it is a life worth saving’ Debra Messing has never failed to make me laugh since Will and Grace. In this new mini series by Hallmark, she portrays the role of a solo ‘Desperate Housewife.’ She is very funny and the satiric lines are so meaningful. The actors and actresses are all good and it is what I call a tasty approach on divorce. I only watched 3 episodes and I am longing for more. I really loved the line when Sam Knight saved Debra’s life and said ‘Let’s see if it is a life worth saving’ as an answer to ‘Thank you for saving my life.’ From then on, I became in love with the show. An 8 out of 10 for this comedy.

Now I have these three shows as replacements for my previous TV show favourites who have now gone to their rest in the hope of rising again.

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