Updated Pogi Point System

Page 27 of this month’s issue of Manual Magazine has urged me to update the ‘Pogi Point System’ – a numeral method on how to rate debonairness. Being branded as “pogi” here in the Philippines is enough to make girls (and even guys) scream in delight (of course, secretly) when they see you. That’s it, you’re handsome. This is an Argee Guevarra (U.P. College of Law) original. Here it is:

The Transpo
Driving a luxury car along bumpy metro streets: +15 pogi points
Driving an automatic car in school: +10 pogi points
Chaffeur-driven: +20 pogi points
Subtract 5 points for those who take MRT or LRT
No points for those who carpool or take a jeep
+5 points for scooter-riders (for courage)
For Mountain bikers add 25, but for BMX or pedicab riders, subtract 50

The Pedigree
If family name is associated with politics, add 10
If it is a Marcos or crony-sounding name, subtract 50 (ill-gotten)
Spanish lineage: +10 (Mistiso!)
Korean, Chinese, or simply chinito: +50 (Koreanovela quality)
Tycoon-sounding (Sy, Gokongwei, Tantoco): +20 points
No points for ethnic-sounding family names

The Address
A Makati address automatically gets 5 pogi points
+ 10 pogi points for those in Alabang
Dasma, Forbes: +20
San Lorenzo, San Antonio, Bel Air: + 5
New Manila, Greenhills, Valle Verde: +5
+5 pogi points for condominium residents
+10 for residents or even dormers of La Vista, Ayala Heights and Xavierville
Add another 5 points for those in new exclusive subdivisions with associations (nouveau riche kasi!)
Subtract 5 pogi points for “sagigilids” – people living “beside” exclusive subdivisions
No pogi points for Looban, Gagalangin, San Andres Bukid, and Novaliches residents.

The High School
A High School diploma in the US or UK: +20 (pure English!)
Any school abroad: +15 pogi points
If an alumnus of an all-boys Catholic school: +10 pogi points
+5 pogi points basta nakatapos ng high school

The Sport
If the guy’s into soccer, plus 10 pogi points (trust me, I’ve seen girls drool over ’em!)
Any racket sport (except pingpong): +15 pogi points
Preppie sports like rowing, archery, fencing, arnis, sepak, sikaran: +20 (exotic kasi!)
Swimming: +25 (the body speaks for itself)
Golf: +50
Polo: +100
Minus 5 pogi points for Billiards

The Lunch Spot
Tomas Morato: +5 pogi points
College cafeteria: minus 5 pogi points
Burgoo, Chili’s, TGIF, Gerry’s and any resto at the Podium(except fastfood type): add 10 pogi points
Lovers of Pizza (Yellow Cab, Pizza Hut and Shakeys): +5 pogi points
O sige na nga, isama na ang Starbucks at Seattle’s Best (mag-lunch nga ba sa kapihan?)
No point for those with “baon” in disposable microwavable plastic containers.

The Org (in UST)
Hybrids of orgs with chapters in DLSU, Ateneo, CSA, UA&P (COMACH is one) +15 pogi points
Varsity player, automatic plus 20 pogi points (kahit ano pang sport yan!)
Minus 5 pag basketball (kelan kaya tayo mananalo dun?)
No point for local college org (that’s given)… if officer, add 5 pogi points.
Add 50 for Teatro Tomasino (where Piolo was once a member: e di Piolo ka na rin???)
The Varsitarian: add 10 pogi points
Service-oriented orgs: add 15 (may puso!)
Frat members: +15
Salinggawi Dance Troupe: +10 (Minus 50 if you dance better than the girls do!)

The GF
Beauty titlist (in school, in “Class A” community, or national pageant): +50 pogi points
A campus celebrity, showbiz denizen or commercial model: +40 pogi points
Typical pretty colegiala: +30 pogi points
Any girl: +10 points

Needs “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” – negative pogi points
Presentable – 0-30 pogi points
Cutie (StarStruck caliber) – 31-50 pogi points
Gwapo – 51-100 pogi points
Stud – 101-150 pogi points
Whataguy – 151-200 pogi points
Grand Debonair – 201 and above

My score: secret (I found it silly, I modified this system!) Maybe I’m disqualified.

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