John Hay Day

Cool breeze welcomed my weary body as I opened our vehicle’s door and walked my way through the steps of Camp John Hay in Baguio City. I gasped. It was relaxing to breath in the invigorating aroma of pine trees surrounding the wooden halls of the open-air Golf Clubhouse. Surprisingly, banners of two rival schools were everywhere: One Big Fight and Animo (Ateneo and La Salle). Do you have a room for Thomasians like me?

Why not? A Golf Tournament between those two schools coincided with the day I was there. No big deal! Anyway, this was NOT another ordinary stay in this cold city, and Camp John Hay made it different. Aside from the tasty dinner combined with a refreshing climate, John Hay’s ambience and classic hospitality made my stay memorable. In fact, I made a new friend, Raul, whose talks made my boring two hours quite entertaining.

I brought the usual – Choco Flakes, Strawberry Jams, etc. – and it’s back to the normal heat-stroke causing temperature of my hometown. And for Camp John Hay Manor, here’s what I have for you: “I shall return!”

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