As of this moment my right arm still aches.

Ending the semester with one fun-filled game of bowling with my fellow biologists was not quite what I have expected. Days before our final exams, a so-called “Class Dinner” was the much-awaited get-together plan. After everyone finished the Ethics test, almost all went straight to the bulletin board to see the posted grades in Invert Zoo lab… What the… Aren’t we supposed to go to the mall? Plan the anticipated ‘class dinner’ or something? After triple-checking my grades (I hope it was the right student number I was looking at), I smiled. Duh! I passed.

Then, after finishing two slices of that 18″ Manhattan Meatlovers and a slice of Ham and Cheese Calzone courtesy of Yellow Cab, we went to the Bowling alley, rented some of those nice pair of bowling shoes (Oh, I want to take ’em home! heheh) and we (me and 7 others) were ready to rock and bowl.

Canalla! At first I wasn’t able to hit any of the pins. Besides, I can feel that the weight of the bowling ball is heavier than my own body. After several trials, a STRIKE! Then, another one, and another… Que hombre este! Eventhough I wasn’t able to play with the proper form (you know, the proper pose, etc.) I enjoyed the whole game… And who didn’t? Each of us were laughing the whole time we were bowling.

I still don’t have any idea what happened about that ‘Class Dinner.’

Special Notes:
* We did it! Hurray for the September Issue of Momentum, the UST Science Journal.
* Cheers for Dan Brown. I just finished Angels and Demons. I can’t wait to see Rome!
* I was carried away by homosexuals! I cried over one episode of Queer As Folk.

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