Shoot me now.

After a month of absenting myself from blogging, here I am, sleepless after a roadtrip. A book sits atop my side table and I still haven’t reached at least half of that 569-page adventure novel. As usual, I am bombarded with a lot of schoolwork. Until now, I am still absorbing the euphoria caused by the recently concluded Cheerdance Competition wherein our University (UST) bagged the top prize for 4 consecutive years in a row. Then, a week ago, I just learned that my eyesight is still detiriorating, ergo, I was prescribed with a higher grade of lenses. Also, perfectly dancing in the tune of Footloose and Rythm of the Night hasn’t been easy. I need a break. But last night, I almost ended up having a “PERMANENT BREAK” – that is ending my life. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t stop reading here. Continue…

Me and my groupmates were on our way to a resort where we will conduct our dress rehearsal for a play. Then, one of us was telling me that she feels something strange; it seemed for her that something bad would happen. Before we left the place, that classmate of mine said that her eerie feeling wasn’t gone. Then, when we opened the gate and we were about to leave, ‘Bang, bang, bang!’ We heard gunshots. Followed by three more. Out of curiousity, all 9 of us managed to take a peek and see what was happening a few blocks from where we were. Then panic and rage followed. Mixed reactions. Will this end our life?

We hurriedly took off and rode a jeepney. Exhuasted with what just happened, all of us were still able to laugh at the situation. Although we were terrified, our plans for the night were pushed through and everything went well during the whole night as we recounted the experience. Our group had so much fun telling stories, laughing, and dancing the whole night (of course, practicing for the play as well).

Eventhough we only had about 2 hours of sleep, I will never forget the lessons I’ve learned: (1) believe in your classmate’s premonitions no matter how weird they are, (2) after the rain comes the sunshine and (3) enjoy life.