A Bestfriend’s Tribute

The sixth day of August this year marked the eighteenth birthday of a very special friend of mine named Fatima. For over ten years now (as she herself calculated and mentioned in one testimonial) we have been close to one another. We never called each other ‘bestfriends’ not until the emcee of her debut party introduced me as such (whoa! what will I do? Correct the emcee? joking…). Flashback then occured to me several times during her debut party last Saturday.

Fatima and I have known each other since grade school. We went to the same school until high school. I don’t know what keeps us together as friends, gossip-buddies, and phone pals. We just love doing things together and even fight each other on several matters, specially in school. If there is an award called the “TANDEM OF THE YEAR” we would’ve won that!
During field trips, retreats, or in whatever BUS trip we have to take, we have always been seatmates. Her witty sense of the real world, plus her openness to topics which are worth talking about has always captured my attention. We talk about crushes, teachers, friends, politics, almost everything. I still remember the time she spanked me (gosh, and I think I spanked her back… I’M REALLY SORRY)… well, that was just one serious (or funny?) moment to reminisce.

For two consecutive Prom parties, she has been my date. Those special prom nights would have not been perfect without her. She has always been a good conversationalist in public and in private. In high school, I worked with her as my vice president (consider this: behind the success of a man is a woman) – now that matters!

A girl’s transition from a girl to a lady – or a debut – is a big leap. Now that this ‘bestfriend’ of mine is a lady, I know that she will be MORE what I’ve expected of her – as a student, a friend, and a partner for the ONE she’s looking for. I feel very lucky to have a friend like her. Anyway, the distance between La Salle and UST is not so big isn’t it? Until we meet again.

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