Love Thyself

Conceit? Narcissism? Self-love?

Nah! Negative connotations turn up when it comes to issues regarding this thought of ‘loving yourself.’ There are lots of ways in showing love for yourself, and the most physical and obvious of all is “vanity.”

One day during the summer vacation after high school when me and my friends had a ‘get-together,’ one of them shouted: “Who has a mirror?” and I replied: “I do!” After that, a comment sprouted: “I didn’t know you were vain.” From then on I considered myself officially vain about my appearance. Big deal! Symptoms of this condition: your hands starts to grab more products from health and beauty stores, you start taking pictures of yourself during free time, and you have a pocket-sized mirror you carry around all the time. Alert! I’m now infected by this virus.

For me, vanity is just a step towards personal fulfillment. It is NOT a virtue to be treasured but a habit to be practiced WITH RESPONSIBILTY. Am I too serious about this one? Well, of course! Looking at the mirror all the time isn’t a healthy habit. Moreover, some people will have a wrong notion about you (ranging from being conceited to gay!) It won’t harm you if you know why you’re doing it. In fact, you become aware of what you eat, you start to maintain good health habits, you keep yourself clean, and you look good for others (okay, the last one may be too much…)

Last Sunday, I (together with my friend Jocine) attended a Vanity Fair courtesy of Pharmanex (Thanks to my classmate Krizia for inviting me). Oh! the word ‘vanity’ again. Well, I guess I’m getting into it. There’s nothing wrong. A song even goes like this: “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” So start loving thyself.

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