Coffee and This Week

Am I drinking too much?

Coffee and StudyCoffee has always been part of my mornings. May it be brewed or the ones in instant 3-in-one packs, a cup of coffee will complete my daily ritual; sometimes, even at night, whenever I need to stay up late in order to memorize a whole Phylum of invertebrates for the next day’s exams. Thanks to coffee, I have stayed more awake than ever during classes. My observation is that whenever I skip drinking coffee, I get sleepy right away.

This coffee obsession of mine has brought me to the finest [Starbucks, Gloria Jean’s and Seattle’s Best] coffee shops and other not-so-popular ones scattered around the streets of the university or the neighborhood [Coffee Indulgence, Café Dapits and Coffee Overdose] There’s no point of comparison because all of them have their own style of serving coffee lovers like me. It’s just enticing to hear “One Mocha Frappuccino for sir Earl!” at the Starbucks counter, or to see Gloria Jean’s’ waitresses smile at you, or to hear Seattles Best’s smooth selection of songs in their piped-in music.

I really accomplish a lot of things over a cup of coffee even just here in my room. In fact, this week full of Chemistry assignments, Zoology quizzes and the overflowing reading tasks in Philosophy of Science passed swiftly for me (I don’t know how…) Moreover, flipping through the pages of a newspaper or just scribbling essays and poems become more invigorating while sipping a cup of a Hazelnut-flavored instant coffee I recently discovered.

Does coffee have a bad effect on me? Well, I visited the website of Harvard Medical School and here’s what I’ve found:

[click link!] Coffee is not bad after all.

Telenovela-like This week’s flashback: In our Social Dance class, our group got the highest grade [97]. Yipee! I was informed by Ate Kitz of our college journal that I have been accepted to be part of the News team of the CSJ. Wow! Last Tuesday, me and a few of my blockmates went to Gateway Mall and had our group picture taken. The future: I won’t go home to my hometown this weekend. I’m going to stay and attend a debut party, a seminar, and a heart-to-heart talk with my books.


If OnlyAnother cliche question: ‘What if you you were given a chance to change the future?’

Deja vu… Sometimes, you feel like you have seen what is going to happen, and you do everything to somewhat “undo” or “edit” the future. But what if it’s an uncontrollable death? Death of the most precious person in your life. In the movie IF ONLY, Paul Nicholls only had one day to show Jennifer Love Hewitt how much he loves her. Then twists and turns… (alright, I’ll never spill)… The movie is so romantic, and the dramatic scenes caused me to cry. For the first 10 minutes of the film, I saw myself shedding tears right away (Why do they make movies like this). Not to mention the very sweet quotes…

Through “If Only,” I further gave value to TIME. We only live once in this world and we must make sure that we make a difference, in one way or another, not only for your own sake, but for LOVE’s sake. Here’s the Theme Song of the movie, with the very mushy lyrics:

Love Will Show You Everything

Today, today I bet my life
You have no idea
What I feel inside
Don’t, be afraid to let it show
For you’ll never know
If you let it hide

I love you
You love me
Take this gift and don’t ask why
Cause if you will let me
I’ll take what scares you
Hold it deep inside
And if you ask me why I’m with you
And why I’ll never leave
Love will show you everything

One day
When youth is just a memory
I know you’ll be standing right next to me

I agree with the film’s catchphrase: Watch it, and HAVE ANOTHER GOOD CRY…

Love Thyself

Conceit? Narcissism? Self-love?

Nah! Negative connotations turn up when it comes to issues regarding this thought of ‘loving yourself.’ There are lots of ways in showing love for yourself, and the most physical and obvious of all is “vanity.”

One day during the summer vacation after high school when me and my friends had a ‘get-together,’ one of them shouted: “Who has a mirror?” and I replied: “I do!” After that, a comment sprouted: “I didn’t know you were vain.” From then on I considered myself officially vain about my appearance. Big deal! Symptoms of this condition: your hands starts to grab more products from health and beauty stores, you start taking pictures of yourself during free time, and you have a pocket-sized mirror you carry around all the time. Alert! I’m now infected by this virus.

For me, vanity is just a step towards personal fulfillment. It is NOT a virtue to be treasured but a habit to be practiced WITH RESPONSIBILTY. Am I too serious about this one? Well, of course! Looking at the mirror all the time isn’t a healthy habit. Moreover, some people will have a wrong notion about you (ranging from being conceited to gay!) It won’t harm you if you know why you’re doing it. In fact, you become aware of what you eat, you start to maintain good health habits, you keep yourself clean, and you look good for others (okay, the last one may be too much…)

Last Sunday, I (together with my friend Jocine) attended a Vanity Fair courtesy of Pharmanex (Thanks to my classmate Krizia for inviting me). Oh! the word ‘vanity’ again. Well, I guess I’m getting into it. There’s nothing wrong. A song even goes like this: “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” So start loving thyself.

Official Statement

From EarlIn relation to the present national issues confronting the Filipino people, I stand in support of the present administration of the duly-elected President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. As regards to accusations against her legitimacy due to a released wiretapped conversation with a COMELEC official during the May 2004 National Elections, it is but proper to let the constitution decide on what to do. We have laws to enforce and legal means to resolve this problem. Politicking should stop immediately and we, as citizens of this country, must continue to work in order to improve our country’s overall condition.

Dropped by

Shakey’s V-LeagueIt’s the game of the season for college volleyball. A friend of mine invited me to watch one game in Makati – UST vs. La Salle… and for some reason, this was far too hot to handle. Both universities are vying for the top spot in this volleyball league sponsored by Shakey’s. A couple of ‘deuces’ afterwhich the game ended up ‘not-so-well’ for me because my school (UST) lost. But it was a good fight (it’s normal to defend your camp isn’t it?) Well, after that very exciting game (not to mention the fervent cheers of Thomasians), me and my friend Camille went straight to Taft Avenue (to meet another friend, Fatima, and another unexpected new guy named JC [Cuadrado] – say it loud and proud: Showbiz #1! Wazzup Wazzup hehehe…)

Both my companions were my pals since high school and as usual, we used this ‘just dropped by’ moment to catch up and exchange latest news regarding ourselves and our batchmates. It only took a 30 minute meal London 2012at Red Ribbon for us to reminisce the past, savor the present and daydream about the future. With my hectic schedule (due to BS Bio), I wonder when will I be dropping by once again.

Speaking of sporting events, I just want to congratulate LONDON for winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics. See you there! (now I have to start saving bucks for that…)


Ambigram by Michelle Chua (UST CSJ)‘Press button to teleport to bedroom.’*
Five minutes of Calculus lecture and you see some students doing something else other than listening. Written on my desk are the lines mentioned above [Press button to teleport to bedroom] My seatmates bursted into silent laughter when I showed this ‘vandalism’ to them. Actually, this form of psychological expression is a mere representation of an idea. People writing on walls, chairs and toilet cubicle doors continue to amaze me although others may consider the fact that these markings on public areas literally cause eyesore (in the sense that chairs, tables, walls, doors, etc. become extremely untidy).

‘I cannot afford to fail. I must struggle everyday. I must!’**
This line [quoted last] is written at the last page of my first year college notebinder. Believe it or not, this is a another ‘vandalism’ on the armchair where I was assigned to sit for a whole semester three times a week. This is one of those very useful ‘quotable quotes’ from people who just want to share their precious (or sometimes nonsense) thoughts. The line is so simple, appealing and very practical.

‘I’m a police officer. Freeze!’
Okay, this is not one of those written ‘vandals.’ Last Wednesday on my way to Zoology class, a complete stranger grabbed my right hand. He stopped me from walking, talked to me and claimed that he was a police officer. He was not in uniform plus he never showed me any ID (Aren’t they supposed to have those gold badges just like in the movies?) Well, I froze in fear and panic. I thought I was going to be kidnapped or something (…daydreaming of being a rich kid stops here…) Anyway, he talked to me and said that they were on the lookout on someone who stole a cellphone, blah blah, that I should be cautious, and more blah blah. Honestly, I never clearly understood what he said because I was so worried about my class (I thought I was going to be late). At least, I was alarmed that ‘vandalizers’ of another form are on the lose – the hold-uppers and criminals – two of my friends lost their cellphones this week because of these lawbreakers.

My week ended up the usual way – hectic but worthy of a smile! Whenever I feel like writing something not-so-useful, I try my best to control myself and end up scribbling on my notes.

*     Rm 314 UST Main Building
**   Rm 136 UST Main Building