From Love at 1st Sight to GTO

(We must) resist the “love at first sight” feeling for a while, by learning to have platonic relationships with members of the opposite sex.

The Celestine Prophecy Who would’ve thought of that? I just finished reading James Redfield’s book – The Celestine Prophecy – and I was in a state of euphoria. I almost can’t get my hands off the pages of this adventure/new age novel. The last time I got so excited with an adventure book was with Harry Potter (alright, I was just 13 that time, that’s why I got so turned on). After reading lots of novels, both fiction and non-fiction, I can say that this one is very unique. Nowadays, people are buying ‘hot-off-the-press’ and ‘bestsellers’ strategically placed in shelves where everyone can see. I have learned to treat books equally.

In the case of The Celestine Prophecy, it was considered as a No. 1 American Sensation. It may not be internationally-renowned, but I’m sure a bunch of people came accross the title or read it once in their life.

On page 225 of that same book, I found the line quoted above. Honestly, I am not committed to anybody at this moment. I have talked to people my age and they have different perceptions when it comes to being ‘single.’ Some say it’s a benefit, others say it’s boring. True! No one sends you SMS messages with a good night kiss; not even an hourly beep of “Have you eaten already?” but you are free enough to be with anyone you want without fighting jelousy.

“But remember the process” the paragraph continued, “you must have these relationships only with people who will reveal themselves totally, telling you how and why they are doing what they are doing…”

Now dumb-founded, I sat still, as if chewing those lines. I felt confident. I’m normal (and absolutely still young) to be committed and still trying my best to find someone that fits that description.

Now shifting the topic on love, we go to the other lessons I have learned. The book revolves in a fictional state of an adventure, probably with fictional names, but the contents and information is relevant and close to reality. It can be compared to the style Dan Brown did on ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ The Celestine prophecy showed the 9 Key Insights a person should learn regarding life. As a Biology student, I appreciate the fact that the book was nearly focused on the theory of evolution – that man will continue to evolve, specifically now that we are entering the Third Millennium. It also reveals the Ninth Insight wherein people can be invisible to the naked eye (this is too complicated to explain).

Great Teacher OnizukaAt this moment, I will try my best to absorb what I have learned from James Redfield. I dropped the book after finishing it, then I’m eager for the next one to read.

I’m done with the serious stuff, now I have to catch up with some comics. Here I come Great Teacher Onizuka / GTO (a Japanese Manga); maybe this will cool down my burning headache for a while!

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