Imagine this scenario: You are in deep sleep, then you are awakened by your shaking bed; an earthquake hits your area. You try to get up so you can run for your life, but you can’t. The earth’s drastic movement is getting stronger. Then, you look out the window and people are running for their lives as the soil slowly cracks. Afterwards, you hear a big, loud, ear-popping “bang.” Will this be the picture of the end of the world?

Each of us may have a different view on how our planet will reach its end. I remember the time when my panic-stricken friend Jocine delivered to me a copy of ‘The Secret of Fatima.’ This was the so-called prophecy revealed by Our Lady of Fatima regarding apocalypse. Here’s the link:

Six Feet Under Last night, the ‘end of the world’ was tackled in one of my favorite and critically-acclaimed HBO Original Series – Six Feet Under. One scene (a dinner-table-discussion) opens the idea that the war on oil (a.k.a.: the war on Iraq) shall be the cause of the world’s devastating end. Global warming is another theory. Then there is the shortage of potable water (which is actually realistic). The issue on atomic bombs is also possible.

Whatever happens, Carpe diem! Live life to the fullest before you find yourself six feet under. As the tagline of ‘Six Feet Under’ goes: EVERY DAY ABOVE GROUND IS A GOOD ONE.

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