“Woke up this morning; I was staring at the ceiling cracks”

“Yehey!” – the oh-so-idiotic, stupid-like Filipino cliche expression for being happy finally came out of my mouth. I almost can’t believe it! The five weeks of strenous summer trigonometry classes finally ended yesterday. This day officially marks the beginning of summer for me. A real vacation at last!

“And the roadmaps and landscapes and highways”

It’s nice to smell the scent of fresh air. I thought I would never be able to be back in this province several kilometers away from the bustling, unhygienic city of Manila. My journey back home wasn’t easier than usual; in fact, it was terrible! At around 5pm, I was not able to catch the last bus trip just across my place, that is why I have to take a cab and pay a hundred bucks (how unreasonable!) from P. Nov to D. Jose with a bonus of having a creepy-looking driver by my side.

“I have seen, I have been to places far and deep in my mind”

Chatting until dawn has been my only refuge during the summer weeks. I never thought it would be so nostalgic. Through this very helpful invention called Yahoo Messenger, I was able to virtually talk to my friends whom I haven’t met since grade school and even pre-school. During the humid mornings, I took time being entertained with music videos. Then, deep in my mind, I kept on thinking: “Why do I have to suffer this disgrace.” Correct me if I’m wrong but failing is definitely not a thing to be proud of.

“Only to find comfort in your strangeness”

I lie on my back, relax, and feel the still silence of the air. Thinking of the positive side, this summer could have been so boring without my summer class. But nothing is more relaxing than being in the comforts of… your bed! 🙂

“We are slaves to the crimes we commit”

That’s right. We are encompassed by the laws of karma and self-destruction – that’s what I have learned for the past seventeen years and I have never imagined that my eyes would be opened only today.

“In fits of passion we shame, we are nothing but the dust on your feet dying to be born again”

It was yesterday that I also realized that it’s a small world after all. I’m not alone because others are also experiencing the same nuisance. Anyway, I’m glad that Prof. Buenaventura and her hi-tech style of teaching has made me a regular student once again. A small piece of my puzzle taken away from me has been brought back. After all, I’m just aiming for what I deserve. To Yim, Peter, Jaime, Kent, plus the Botanical Garden people Ace, Mark, Eman, Caisell, Charisse and the others (sorry, I wasn’t able to memorize all the names): how nice it was to be with your company.

Let the official vacation begin!

– The lines quoted and colored blue are from the song “Comfort In Your Strangeness” by Cynthia Alexander


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