Off to Merlion City

Everything is ready: passport, ticket, and a bagful of essentials. On Sunday, I will be boarding an airbus bound to Singapore.

Although the rush of excitement runs through my veins, I regret the fact that due to this trip, I will not be able to be with my friends from high school. Light beer, dance-til-you-drop, chit-chats, pure laughters – those are just some of the things I would’ve missed this Friday just because of the preparations for my Singapore trip. Not to mention the apologies I had to make (sorry Camille, Ivan, James and the gang who planned this Friday night-out).

A new discovery *red light blinks*: planning an itinerary abroad is not easy. Plans went well for me during my former domestic trips, but abroad? Whew! We didn’t book for a “package tour”… in other words, we have to package our own trip – in a country with places with sooooo exotic names! (Boon Keng, Bukit Gombak, Tiong Bahru, blah blah blah!) Oh crap! Now I have to find hotels, landmarks and shopping centers (interesting but time-consuming) on my own.

Moments after I Googled in search for the perfect adventure, I found this activity (doing your own itinerary) very interesting. You are in control of where you want to go, and you even discover more about the country where you are going to. In tour packages, you are locked and unable to go where you want to but in this way of travel, you can do anything. Hmmmm, now booking an escort is possible… *giggles* I was just joking of course! I’m not even of legal age (that is why I still have to get a DSWD permit, how awful!)

Preparations are on the go *green light blinks* and there is no stopping us now. By the first day of June, I will be back. It’s a time-out for me (therefore, no cellphone so that I will enjoy the holiday). Anyway, my phone’s international roaming feature wasn’t activated. I am not even sure if I will be able to be online.

BRB soon.


Imagine this scenario: You are in deep sleep, then you are awakened by your shaking bed; an earthquake hits your area. You try to get up so you can run for your life, but you can’t. The earth’s drastic movement is getting stronger. Then, you look out the window and people are running for their lives as the soil slowly cracks. Afterwards, you hear a big, loud, ear-popping “bang.” Will this be the picture of the end of the world?

Each of us may have a different view on how our planet will reach its end. I remember the time when my panic-stricken friend Jocine delivered to me a copy of ‘The Secret of Fatima.’ This was the so-called prophecy revealed by Our Lady of Fatima regarding apocalypse. Here’s the link:

Six Feet Under Last night, the ‘end of the world’ was tackled in one of my favorite and critically-acclaimed HBO Original Series – Six Feet Under. One scene (a dinner-table-discussion) opens the idea that the war on oil (a.k.a.: the war on Iraq) shall be the cause of the world’s devastating end. Global warming is another theory. Then there is the shortage of potable water (which is actually realistic). The issue on atomic bombs is also possible.

Whatever happens, Carpe diem! Live life to the fullest before you find yourself six feet under. As the tagline of ‘Six Feet Under’ goes: EVERY DAY ABOVE GROUND IS A GOOD ONE.


What is the use of a swimsuit parade in a beauty pageant?

007_bikini.jpgMiss USA 2005 was recently aired and of course, I didn’t dare miss it. When this year’s hosts introduced the swimsuit competition, they reminded the audience that this part of beauty pageants has always been a subject of controversy. What is there to debate about? Well, maybe today’s busts are just bigger than before (oh those silicons!) and the girls now walk in two-piece lingerie (sounds better than 1 piece). Okay, now I get it – our new and more liberated generation has turned pageants into a 1% gown-1% casual-1% intellect-and 97% bikini open!

Well, it was clarified later on during the said pageant that the swimwear contest has always been the gauge on how confident a contestant is. Showing off her body means that she is proud of her
‘inner beauty.’ Alright, now ‘inner beauty’ has a new meaning. Inner – get it? – the abs, the legs, and the flesh! Okay, another reason is that swimming champ and muscled hunk Michael Phelps wouldn’t be judging this contest without this division.

I am in favor of having the swimwear contest in beauty pageants. Come on, it’s a “beauty” pageant, and it focuses mainly on the physical appearance. Then there is these parts: the gown for grace and the Q&A for the intellect. It’s fair right?


“Woke up this morning; I was staring at the ceiling cracks”

“Yehey!” – the oh-so-idiotic, stupid-like Filipino cliche expression for being happy finally came out of my mouth. I almost can’t believe it! The five weeks of strenous summer trigonometry classes finally ended yesterday. This day officially marks the beginning of summer for me. A real vacation at last!

“And the roadmaps and landscapes and highways”

It’s nice to smell the scent of fresh air. I thought I would never be able to be back in this province several kilometers away from the bustling, unhygienic city of Manila. My journey back home wasn’t easier than usual; in fact, it was terrible! At around 5pm, I was not able to catch the last bus trip just across my place, that is why I have to take a cab and pay a hundred bucks (how unreasonable!) from P. Nov to D. Jose with a bonus of having a creepy-looking driver by my side.

“I have seen, I have been to places far and deep in my mind”

Chatting until dawn has been my only refuge during the summer weeks. I never thought it would be so nostalgic. Through this very helpful invention called Yahoo Messenger, I was able to virtually talk to my friends whom I haven’t met since grade school and even pre-school. During the humid mornings, I took time being entertained with music videos. Then, deep in my mind, I kept on thinking: “Why do I have to suffer this disgrace.” Correct me if I’m wrong but failing is definitely not a thing to be proud of.

“Only to find comfort in your strangeness”

I lie on my back, relax, and feel the still silence of the air. Thinking of the positive side, this summer could have been so boring without my summer class. But nothing is more relaxing than being in the comforts of… your bed! 🙂

“We are slaves to the crimes we commit”

That’s right. We are encompassed by the laws of karma and self-destruction – that’s what I have learned for the past seventeen years and I have never imagined that my eyes would be opened only today.

“In fits of passion we shame, we are nothing but the dust on your feet dying to be born again”

It was yesterday that I also realized that it’s a small world after all. I’m not alone because others are also experiencing the same nuisance. Anyway, I’m glad that Prof. Buenaventura and her hi-tech style of teaching has made me a regular student once again. A small piece of my puzzle taken away from me has been brought back. After all, I’m just aiming for what I deserve. To Yim, Peter, Jaime, Kent, plus the Botanical Garden people Ace, Mark, Eman, Caisell, Charisse and the others (sorry, I wasn’t able to memorize all the names): how nice it was to be with your company.

Let the official vacation begin!

– The lines quoted and colored blue are from the song “Comfort In Your Strangeness” by Cynthia Alexander

Heat Stroke and More

Summer’s heat strikes again – and it reached 37.5 degrees last May 3 (if I heard the news right). I owe a lot to the air-conditioning units in school and in my bedroom . Whenever I walk by the streets of Padre Noval, I feel like being fried alive by the sun’s rays. I cannot even open my eyes widely because of the blinding light. I bet that the rainy days will be worse this coming June/July because of this year’s summer heat.

The past three days has been virtual days for me. My laptop has just been reformatted and now, I’m enjoying the perks of burning CD’s once again. Everyday, I was required to be online. Thanks to the online virtual classroom provided for us by our Math professor. Then, at last, I found time to manage all my online accounts: friendster, berkzter, myspace, pinoyexchange and even the UST E-leap. I changed all the passwords and now I feel a little secured.

Just as I was feeling a little secured, Trojan Spyware attacked! Whoa! Icons popped up my screen and I can’t delete them. The solution? System Restore! And my problem was solved. I hate those wicked people who are making those spywares.

The O.C.What else did I do this week? Well, I had a taste of the new Pepsi Fire and Ice (it tasted well, but I still prefer Pepsi Blue). I am also religiously attending my Trigonometry Summer Classes. I recently served as an emcee for my former classmate’s debut (the second time i hosted one). Finally, until now, I’m still having this LSS (Last Song Syndrome). The songs ‘Tell Me Where It Hurts’ and ‘First Day Funk’ keeps lurching around my senses and I’m hearing voices (is that normal?).

By the way, I just got hooked on ‘The O.C.’. and I love the new UST website. What a good revamp!


Why should it all happen in one day?

I was in a state of panic, restlessness and headache. This weekend was so tiring that my body temperature rose above normal. I was not feeling well last Saturday (April 30) and I have big tasks due that day: meet a former classmate in Pampanga, pass a 4-page essay for Carlos Palanca Awards in Makati; and attend the debut of my friend Joyce in Quezon City.

I cancelled my meeting with that long-time friend of mineI mentioned a while ago. How about the Palanca essay? Well, I joined that contest last year and I don’t feel any luckier this year, so I decided to postpone my submission. The debut of my friend was scheduled a month ago so I was decided enough to push myself and attend the party.

The day turned out well after all, although I felt a little unwell.

Lupet pala!

Bago pa man ilipat ang ‘On-Air’ sa IBC ay sinusubaybayan ko na ito sa ABC. Dito ko nga nadiskubre na may isang kakatuwang programang tulad nito. Nawili ako sa panonood ng On-Air high school pa lamang ako. Ang host nito na si JM Rodriguez ay personal pang sumagot sa aking email dati; tinatanong ko siya kung saan maganda mag-kolehiyo at sa La Salle niya ako gustong pumasok (malamang dahil doon siya nanggaling). Ngayon, nasa UST ako (ang layo ‘no?) Pero hindi ito ang usapan natin. Nais ko lang sabihing masarap pa lang manood ng Wednesday Lupet Night! sa Channel 13.

Minsan lamang ako sumulat sa wikang Tagalog. Naisip ko lang kasi na mas akma ito upang bigyang-pugay ang produksyong ito ng Ideal Minds. Ang mga programa nito ay sadyang kumikiliti sa aking kamusmusan at ang mga ka-cornihan ay natural na lumalabas na nakakadagdag pa sa katatawanan. Subukan nyo. IBC 13 alas-7 ng gabi tuwing Miyerkules.