When Others Care

“People care about people who care about themselves.”

The line mentioned above was instilled in my mind after me and my friends Camille and Sam watched part 2 of Ms. Congeniality. It sounded right. I consider myself vain at times. I carry a pocket-sized mirror wherever I go to make sure that I don’t have dirt on my face or I look presentable. Why am I doing this? Honestly, at first, I believed in the abovementioned movie tagline. All along I thought my belief was right.

Queer Eye for the Straight GuyFor the past few months, I have been watching the reality show ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.’ This show highlighted the fact that there is room for improvement – physically. More and more makeover shows sprouted as fast as mongo seeds do. Surely, there will come a time that ugly people won’t have a place on this planet. But what’s the point?

It is not bad to improve yourself, have some facials once in a while, pamper your body, visit a spa, relax your senses, and even enroll at a fitness center if that is needed. Somehow, other people feel nice when you look nice. But there must be a balance between your bodily aspects as a whole. Beauty will vanish after some time. The most important thing that we should focus on is our LIVES. All things just keep getting better, but are WE getting better?

Get the yin and yang back into life.


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