Talking to Strangers

While paying groceries over the counter at a nearby convenience store, I was surprised that a complete stranger unexpectedly asked me how much was the fresh milk I was buying. Of course, I didn’t answer. I thought it would end there. Then he asked how much the chocolate drink, the canned tuna, and the bottled juice were. I’m not stupid enough to answer those questions and act like a salesman. In fact, I don’t even know him. Moreover, doesn’t he know that he might be a distraction? He’s lucky I was in a good mood that time. Anyway, it may sound to you that I am making that incident a big deal but certainly, I believe that this is a matter of social values, norms and ethics.

On Pope and Dan Brown

It’s not surprising but it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Pope John Paul IIWitnessing the death of a Pope who has loved a third world country like the Philippines is such a sad experience. Since the day I was born, Pope John Paul II has been the only Pope I have ever known. His face was like that of a pop star, recognized by almost everybody. And I am impressed by the fact that he was able to lead the Catholic Church swiftly in the time of modernization.

The Pope’s death focused media on the Vatican City, the center of Catholicism. I recalled the books of Dan Brown ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels and Demons.’ I already finished the ‘Code’ and it contained facts revealing some of the Church’s secrets. I still don’t have a copy of ‘Angels and Demons’ which contain more interesting points about Vatican. Pity me!

Dan Brown’s work may contradict the traditions we already know as Christians. Always keep in mind that these are only fictional novels and some facts were just adopted. That’s what makes a novel a bestseller!

At this point, there are questions in my mind which are still left unanswered regarding my own religion. But I see to it that my faith is never lost. Being in a Catholic University may also be a reason why Dan Brown never conquered my faith.

I challenge everyone to read the books themselves.

When Others Care

“People care about people who care about themselves.”

The line mentioned above was instilled in my mind after me and my friends Camille and Sam watched part 2 of Ms. Congeniality. It sounded right. I consider myself vain at times. I carry a pocket-sized mirror wherever I go to make sure that I don’t have dirt on my face or I look presentable. Why am I doing this? Honestly, at first, I believed in the abovementioned movie tagline. All along I thought my belief was right.

Queer Eye for the Straight GuyFor the past few months, I have been watching the reality show ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.’ This show highlighted the fact that there is room for improvement – physically. More and more makeover shows sprouted as fast as mongo seeds do. Surely, there will come a time that ugly people won’t have a place on this planet. But what’s the point?

It is not bad to improve yourself, have some facials once in a while, pamper your body, visit a spa, relax your senses, and even enroll at a fitness center if that is needed. Somehow, other people feel nice when you look nice. But there must be a balance between your bodily aspects as a whole. Beauty will vanish after some time. The most important thing that we should focus on is our LIVES. All things just keep getting better, but are WE getting better?

Get the yin and yang back into life.

Summer + Boredom = Blogging

Posting my daily experiences through a web log hasn’t turned on my interest since it first started. Not until todaySummer Sunshine, a hot, sunny, boring morning that something inside of me insisted: “Hey, why not give it a try?” So here I am facing a computer, typing, and feeling engrossed; not to mention the eerie picture of Sarah Jessica Parker’s spirit entering mine!

How ironic! I have always told my friends that I wouldn’t have time for posting yet now, I’m starting a blog site myself. Anyway, I am not here to please any reader. In fact, I may be the only person reading this page over and over again, turning it into my personal diary online. I may not even care if someday I will not be able to add entries.

This is another ”first” for me.

Have fun readers!

Of Strikes and John Robert Powers

Still groggy, I reached for the remote control and turned on the TV. “I’ve Had The Time of My Life,” the theme song from Dirty Dancing was playing on MTV while I hurriedly took off for a shower in preparation for today’s classes which I am expecting to begin two hours from that moment. On the contrary, this day WAS NOT the time of my life. I dashed to the kitchen to heat some pre-cooked meals.

Ten minutes before my class should’ve started, I was rushing – passed the UST Chapel, the Botanical Garden, the Main Building – I was just strides away from the AB/Commerce building where I am taking up my summer classes when I heard someone said: “Afternoon classes are suspended because of the PUV strike!”


I hate it when I’m already prepared, dressed up, and just a stone’s throw from where I must be and then I’m pushed to head back where I came from in a matter of seconds. Isn’t there any other way by which public utility vehicles can show their grievances? Why do they have to mess up other people’s lives?

Moving on, I have this friend of mine who enrolled at John Robert Powers (a known personality development center.) I was so surprised that the enrollment fee reached more than Php 95,000.00 for 20 days of classes (some course packages even amount to Php 350,000.00.) What the heck are they teaching in these institutions?

005_jrp.jpgInterestingly, I asked this friend of mine to discuss some of the things they’re doing. From the looks of it, I can see that my friend’s fashion sense improved – that may be a proof that it”s worth it. My friend also told me that you will meet television stars and models, aside from the fact that they will boost your self confidence, let you take modeling and wardrobe lessons, and teach you more than just the basics of etiquette

It looks like I’m endorsing JRP now! Anyway, I’ll just wait here until my wallet produces hundreds of thousands of pesos.